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Youth Programs

brother has compiled a list of organizations that work with Northeast Denver Youth. Click here to be added to the list.

Beautillions & Cotillions

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc.

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc. (CBI/CCI) was established as a multi-cultural, all-inclusive program designed for high school students in the Denver Metropolitan area to provide personal development experiences and recognition.


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Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

Denver Chapter

Denver Chapter remains dedicated to community service, cultural, social and educational enrichment of African-American children and upholding the African-American family.


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Athletics and Beyond

We employ the “Athletics & Beyond (A&B) Student Athlete Program” as the foundation to produce marketable and successful citizens. A&B uses athletics as a “hook” to engage participants in achieving their academic goals.


The Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists (CABPES) is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging African-Americans and other underrepresented youth to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers.

Crowley Foundation

Our vision is to inspire youth to realize their potential and value.


Our Mission is to provide educational opportunities to Colorado youth through academic instruction, life skills, college preparatory programs and scholarships! We foster learning and empowerment by providing leadership development programs and promoting education as a requisite component of success.

Denver Public Safety Youth Programs

Denver Public Safety Youth Programs function as a partnership between the community, private and government organizations to promote positive youth diversion and intervention programs. Safe City programs serve thousands of youth and families each year through a number of prevention and intervention services.

Especially Me

“The mission of EspeciallyMe™ is to promote and facilitate ideas, attitudes, goals and lifestyles that will encourage school age youth to adopt and sustain concepts of positive self-value and dignity in defining and pursuing success and excellence.”



Justina Ford STEM Institute

The Dr. Justina Ford STEM Institute supports professional scholarship in STEM with traditionally underserved and under acknowledged communities of color.


This program employs a youth-driven service-learning approach to engage girls in STEM by dissolving the trepidation of the field.

Open Door Youth Gang Alternative

Open Door’s most important goal is to prevent kids from ever joining gangs. Open Door has developed successful programs with elementary and middle school-aged children that focus on prevention.

Shades of Blue

SHADES OF BLUE was conceived and created by a group of airline pilots, educators, and business people who have an interest in aviation and aerospace and who wish to help introduce students to the career opportunities available in the field of flight.


Smart-Girl is a fun, activity-based program that inspires adolescent girls to become confident, capable, self-reliant young women. Small groups of girls are led by two Guides, usually high school or college-age. Our Guides know what it’s like to be your age, and they have lots of tips for dealing with issues that come up with your friends, teachers and parents.

Voices On Canvas Inc provides youth with the platform to develop essential communication and civic skills, fostering expressive dialogue through the medium of art.


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