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3 Things To Do in Denver After Ferguson Grand Jury Annoucement

3 Things To Do in Denver After

Ferguson Grand Jury Annoucement

Denver waits along with cities across the country in anticipation of the Missouri grand jury announcement deciding if white police officer Darren Wilson will face criminal charges in the shooting death of Mike Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson Missouri? If you are in the Denver metro area on the day of the announcement here are three things to do.

1. Meet at Shorter Community AME Church. No one knows when the grand jury announcement will be made. However, on the day of the announcement there will be a 6pm gathering of leaders, activists and community members at Shorter Community AME Church, 3100 Richard Allen Court, Denver 80207. The purpose of the gathering is to:

  • Seek divine guidance through prayer, fasting and the presentation of an organized, coordinated action plan for justice in Ferguson, Denver and nationwide.

  • Support and hear from new and emerging leaders with wide array of new voices as featured speakers and organizers.

  • Make financial contributions and collect requested items for those who have traveled and will be traveling to Ferguson Missouri. There will be an update from Denver activists in Ferguson and we will coordinate with those leaving for Ferguson.

  • Join other planned protests such as the one in Civic Center Park. Everyone is encouraged to bring signs, wear warm clothes etc.

2. Protest at Civic Center Park. Coloradans For Justice has organized a protest at Civic Center Park following the grand jury announcement. Make a sign. Pack some snacks, water, and wear warm clothes. Tell your friends. Be ready. Like Coloradans For Justice on Facebook for updates, email or

3. Honor the wishes of Mike Brown's Family. Many organizations throughout the Denver metro area have agreed to support peaceful protests according to the wishes and desires expressed by Mike Brown's father.

To Add Activites or Information, email: also receive updates at

Here is a list of requested supplies by those in Ferguson. If you can contribute any these items, bring them to Shorter Community AME Church and they will be delivered to Fergusion: gas masks, goggles, First Aid kits, Portable chargers, eye drops, Maalox (alleviates burning from tear gas), baby shampoo (alleviates burning from pepper spray), communication/video/streaming devices (smartphones, tablets, bodycams, 2-way radios/walkie talkies), prepaid debit cards, prepaid WiFi Hotspots, backpacks, ear plugs, white distilled vinegar, bottled water, gloves, portable USB chargers, car AC power adapters etc.

Listing of Nationwide Activites visit

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